Ultimate Lash Care | Extend the life of your lashes

Looking after your lashes in-between visits is so important to get as much life out your lashes as you can! I’ve put together some tips to help you along the way..

Stay away from water for AT LEAST 24 hours. Avoid wetting the eye area or cleansing near the eyes. Steam may also affect the adhesion of your fresh lashes so stay clear of saunas, spas & baths. The reason for this is that it takes 24 hours for the glue to fully cure so it is important to keep them dry while this occurs.

This is an example of what happens to fresh glue if it is not left to cure for the full 24 hours.

Be gentle with your lashes. Try to avoid sleeping on your face. If you sleep on one side you are always going to lose more lashes on that side than the other. Silk pillow cases can help with this. Do not use an eyelash curler. If you are wanting your lashes to look more curled, speak to me at your next appointment and we can use a slightly different curl for your next set.

Avoid all oil around your eye area. Oil will make the glue come unstuck. No mascara should really be used on lash extensions. However, if you do feel the need to use it on the ends of your lashes, make sure you DON’T use waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is too hard to get off and you’ll end up pulling on your lashes, potentially pulling them out, resulting in damage to your natural eyelashes.

Keep them clean! It is so important to keep your lashes clean in between visits. Sometimes simply getting them wet and washing them with water is enough. (After the 24 hour dry time). If you are finding you need a bit more of a clean, let me know at your next appointment and I can order you some cleanser, specially formulated for eyelash extensions.

Make sure you do the day to day basics & invest in the right ongoing lash care.
At the end of every appointment I give you an eyelash brush. Brush your lashes daily. Put a brush EVERYWHERE (in your handbag, car, at work, bathroom, next to your bed, everywhere) so that when you feel like you have a lash out of place you brush them instead of pulling at them.

I recommend refills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh. If you decide that you don’t want them anymore, come in and get them removed with me. Whatever you do, don’t remove them yourself and potentially damage your natural lashes.

I really hope that you find this information useful! Please always feel free to come to me with any questions regarding your lash care, I am here to help

Dani xx