Eyelash extension options | What would work best for me?

I get asked all the time by new clients about the differences between Classics, Volumes and Hybrids and what would work best for them. The truth is; THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING! But, they do offer quite different looks, so I thought I’d put together some information about each option to help you choose.

Classic lashes – Just a little bit extra
• 1 lash applied to each of your lashes
• A more ‘natural’ look, enhancing what you have rather than really boosting volume
• Great for those with lots of natural lashes

Seroquel online prescription Volume lashes – for that full Vavoom look
• Fan of three thin lashes applied to each of your lashes
• Creates a more dramatic impact than classics while still giving you a naturally full and fluffy look
• Great for those with not many natural lashes who want a fuller look or those who still have a lot of natural lashes but love them to look bold

Hybrid lashes – I want them full but not too much
• Mix of both classics and hybrids to each of your lashes
• Gives you a look pretty much smack bang between classics and volumes – less dramatic than volumes but more vavavoom than classics.

Regardless of which lash option you choose, I will always work with your eye to use the right length lash in the right place to help you get the look that you are after. Keep in mind that this may change from visit to visit and that is completely fine too! You might have a wedding to go to one visit and want something slightly more natural and demure, and next visit have a birthday party and want to look a bit more dramatic and full. I am always happy to work with you to achieve the perfect look for you at the time!
As always ladies, any questions, please ask!!

Dani xx